TNPL 2022 Final Highlights: Game called off, CSG and LKK declared joint winners

TNPL 2022 Final Highlights: Highlights from the TNPL 2022 Final between CSG and LKK: Due to the shared victory of Chepauk Super Gillies and Lyca Kovai Kings, the TNPL final was called off.

After the start was delayed, the game was reduced to 17 overs per side. Sai Sudharsan displayed great control while scoring a half-century in 30 balls. The CSG bowlers slowed things down in the closing stages to restrict their opponents to 138 runs.

Kaushik Gandhi, the opening hitter for CSG, was struck out in the second over. Despite the rain, play continued, but the Super Gillies struggled to score runs. The CSG innings were eventually over at 14/2 after four overs when play was suspended again by lousy rain.

TNPL 2022 Final Highlights


Chepauk Super Gillies vs. Lyca Kovai Kings highlights from the TNPL 2022 Final at Coimbatore’s SNR College Cricket Ground.

TNPL 2022 Final Live: No match

I’m done now. CSG and LKK have been deemed joint winners after the game was called off.


TNPL 2022 Final Live: Rain continues

In the middle, where we are waiting for official word, it is still pouring. Now, we can no longer lose ground. Additionally, it will take some time for the environment to be playable.


Rain halts the TNPL 2022 Final Live game.

39/2 is a 5-over par score! CSG is now at 14/2 after four overs.


TNPL 2022 Championship Game: WICKET!

Shahrukh Khan makes a terrific catch as N Jagadeesan leaves for two! Right-handed bat Rajagopal Sathish approaches the crease. 14/2 after four overs for CSG


Final Life: GONE for TNPL 2022

In the second over of the game, Kaushik Gandhi is gone as the Super Gillies are already in trouble. S The crucial wicket was taken by Ajith Ram. After 1.4 overs, CSG is 4/1.


Super Gillies need 139 points to win the TNPL 2022 championship.

The Kings were alarmed by the previous over because they lost three games in it. Over now, last. How far can the Kovai Kings go? Sonu Yadav will bowl, and the first three balls are two. Ah, but… A wicket, perhaps? That is assumed. The Kings are nearly finished. After 17 overs, they are out for 138/9 runs.


Live TNPL 2022 Championship: Double wickets.

The Kovai Kings suffered two consecutive losses when they lost Abhishek Tanwar and Shahrukh Khan. 130/6 for LKK after 15.2 overs.


TNPL 2022 Championship Live: Caught and Bowled!

Sai Kishore takes another wicket after Shijit Chandran is out for a duck. 85/4 after ten overs for LKK


TNPL 2022 Championship Game: Lbw!

Mukesh needs to go. That came crashing down in the center. Three reds for hitting the stumps and impacting the leg. For seven, U Mukilesh lbw to Sai Kishore (8)


Live TNPL Final 2022: 21 off the over

1 1 6 2 2 N4 4 = 21 runs ! R Alexander has his hands on Sai Sudharsan’s head as he charges with all his pistols blazing! 75/2 for LKK after eight overs


TNPL Final Live 2022: Gone!

Ganga Sridhar Raju has left after 17 days for 27! In his first over, Sonu Yadav scores, costing Kovai their second wicket. 51/2 after six overs for LKK


TNPL 2022 Final Live: Three consecutive fours

In the song, Sai Sudharsan! He challenges Sai Kishore and hits three consecutive goals against him! Kovai is making goals at a quick clip. LKK after five overs: 45/1



SIX! To hit a four this time, Raju gets the measure of the fast delivery by clearing his front leg and swinging it over deep mid-wicket. After four overs, LKK is 31/1.


TNPL 2022 Championship Game: WICKET!

Suresh Kumar leaves at five. In his first over, Sandeep Warrier gets a strike. The batsman is defeated by the short, rapid ball. The catch is taken by Jagadeesan. 13/1 after two overs for LKK


Live TNPL Final 2022: Lyca Kovai Kings Starting XI

Valliappan Yudheeswaran, Manish Ravi, S Ajith Ram, Balu Surya, U Mukilesh, J Suresh Kumar (w), Sai Sudharsan, Shijit Chandran, Shahrukh Khan (c), and Ganga Sridhar Raju.


The Chepauk Super Gillies were playing XI in the TNPL 2022 championship game.

Sonu Yadav, Manimaran Siddharth, R Alexander, Sandeep Warrier, S Radhakrishnan, Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore, Uthirasamy Sasidev, Rajagopal Sathish, S Harish Kumar, and Kaushik Gandhi (c)


Final TNPL 2022 Live: Toss Update

The toss has been won by the Chepauk Super Gillies, who has chosen to field. The match will now be played in 17 overs.


TNPL 2022 Championship Live: More rain

It’s starting to rain again as we run out of time. Gentle rain has now replaced the drizzle that was earlier present.


TNPL 2022 Final Live: Groundbreaking Reports

We hear there will be another umpire inspection 15 minutes after the current one. Most likely, the game will be postponed due to rain.


TNPL 2022 Final Live: The covers have not yet been removed.

Live action is still some time away.


Final TNPL 2022 highlights: The two teams are as follows:

Super Gillies of Chepauk: Sai Kishore R, Sai Prakash. V, Sandeep Warrier, Sasidev U, Sathish. R, Siddharth.M, Sonu Yadav, Sujay.S, Vijaykumar S, Karthik S, and Madhankumar S are among the individuals that participated in the study. Alexander R., Arun.B., Arun Kumar. V, Harish Kumar.S, Jagadeesh

LYCA Kovai Kings: Abhishek Tanwar, Ajith Ram S, Shriram C, Aravindh G, Ashwin Venkataraman, Ganga Sridhar Raju. V, Mukesh. U, Natarajan T, Sai Sudharsan. B, Selva Kumaran. N, Shahrukh Khan M, Shijit Chandran. P, Suresh Kumar. J, Vignesh. K, Yu


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