Sports calendar of Punjab University should be released soon

Sports calendar: Correspondent for the Chandigarh Jagran Panjab University (PU), its associated colleges, and regional centres have begun the admissions process. The players are anticipating the upcoming release of the sports schedule as the admissions process gets underway.

The Panjab University sports schedule was published in August of the previous year, and the intercollegiate competitions began in October. This year, the admissions process began one month later than usual. Players are requesting that this delay not hinder sporting activities and that tournaments begin on time.

Sports calendar of Punjab University

Sports coaches agree that the college admissions process should coincide with the release of the sports calendar so that both the college and the players have time to prepare for the upcoming season. The PU Sports Department claims that it will promptly disclose its sports schedule following the announcement of the All India Inter University of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

. Before announcing our sports schedule, we must wait for the AIU calendar so that sporting activities can be scheduled appropriately. Describe how inter-college competitions are held between the 196 colleges and regional centres that are connected with Panjab University.

According to athletes, Panjab University announced a provisional sports schedule last year before the AIU timetable was available. This year, the sports section might follow suit. Additionally, when announcing its admissions process, PU does not follow AIU. Therefore, there must be a mechanism to facilitate the procedure for the players.

In order for the players to adequately prepare, the calendar should be made available. Teams are chosen for the All India Inter University Championship through camps that are held based on their performance in intercollegiate competitions.

On the other hand, the issue at PU University is the vacancy of the positions of Sports Director and Deputy Sports Director. In such a situation, determining who will be in charge of organising the Inter-University Championship is also a significant challenge.

Prof. Prashant Gautam, who also serves as the department’s director of sports, is already having trouble filling key positions. Rakesh Malik also left his position in April of this year. He is now the Director of Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University in Sagar, MP. He had been playing a significant role in these events earlier. in quotes

Panjab University’s intercollegiate competitions will once again begin in October. Each player is getting ready at their own pace. For the purpose of preparing the athletes, Panjab University has begun summer camps for various sports on August 1. All games will start on schedule. It is our obligation to successfully plan it. A sports calendar will be made available shortly.

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