International Tiger Day 2022: Theme, History and Significance

INTERNATIONAL TIGER DAY 2022: International Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29 each year. The day’s purpose is to increase public awareness of the value of tiger conservation among people, groups, and governments. Ninety-five percent of the tiger population has decreased over the past 150 years, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Therefore, the purpose of this day is to inspire everyone to act appropriately to rescue wild cats.

Every year, the world commemorates International Tiger Day to increase public awareness of the need to protect tigers, which have been listed as an endangered species in several countries. The unique day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is of utmost importance because tigers have drastically declined in population over the past 150 years.

If all nations take action against illegal hunting, wildlife trading, conflicts involving people and animals, and habitat loss, we can prevent the extinction of these species.

Let’s examine the origins and significance of this day on International Tiger Day.

International Tiger Day 2022

History and significance of theĀ  International Tiger Day 2022

After it was discovered that only about 3,000 tigers remained and that 97 percent of them had vanished in the previous century, International Tiger Day was established in 2010. At the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia, several nations struck a pact to stop the problem from getting worse because tigers were in danger of going extinct.

In addition to protecting these species, the day aims to maintain and improve tiger habitats. Many international organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, mark International Tiger Day.

The WWF estimates that there are 3,900 wild cats left in the world today. Nearly 70% of the tigers in the world are found in India.


The day’s theme the previous year was “Their survival is in our hands.” The theme for this year’s International Tiger Day has not yet been revealed.


To encourage more people to support the cause of protecting tigers, people mark this day by hosting seminars and increasing the number of debates. They also contribute money to organizations that support tiger conservation.

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