International Cat Day 2022: Five ways to take care of your feline friends

International Cat Day 2022: The topic for this year’s celebration of the day is “Cat Friendly Resources.”

Every year on August 8, people throughout the world celebrate International Cat Day to learn more about how to conserve this wonderful animal. It was started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and in 2022, International Cat Care assumed custody of it.

The topic for this year’s celebration is “cat-friendly resources.” Keeping cats healthy and content is the first step in taking care of them.

International Cat Day

According to Kartik Gupta, co-founder of Goofy Tails, a firm that specialises in nutritional cat products, here are a few straightforward suggestions that will protect the health of your feline buddies.

Keep your kitties clean every day.

Your cats’ digestive tract hair buildup can be reduced by brushing or combing them.

Provide nutritious food.

Because they are carnivores, cats must consume meat to survive. They shouldn’t only be fed dry food because too many carbohydrates may be hazardous to them.

Take note of your cat’s thirst.

You must provide your cats with access to clean water. Dehydration may be more common in older and nursing cats. As a result, be alert for symptoms including panting, lethargy, and drooping eyes.

Select a veterinarian who is cat-friendly.

It can be frightening for a cat to spend a lot of time in the waiting room at the vet with dogs all around if a veterinary office has predominately dog clients. Choose a veterinarian who has separate waiting areas for dogs and cats.

Provide enough easily accessible litter boxes.

Cats might not be inclined to use boxes in places where people want to hide them, such as the basement or a shadowy corner. The position the animal is in while carrying out these tasks makes it susceptible. They need to be able to see their surroundings. Your pet might not want to use a box with a cover for the same reason.

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