Asia Cup 2022, India vs Pakistan: Calling Arshdeep Singh a ‘Khalistani’ is shocking

India vs Pakistan: Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are always thrilling. High emotions and constant pressure are present, but while cricket fans occasionally get a little carried away, this time it is far worse.

In the intense match in Dubai, the 23-year-old Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh lost a simple catch, and social media has turned against him.

India vs Pakistan

Arshdeep is the target of extensive online trolling. Is this even acceptable? What about offensive remarks and other things?

Some people have even gone so far as to refer to the young pacer as a “Khalistani.”

The pacer’s Wikipedia page also identified him as a Khalistani cricket player. After this, the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeitY) in India called on Wikipedia employees in India to explain how Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page was changed to show his Khalistan affiliation. 

It’s a very serious problem. The modifications, which can seriously harm India’s internal peace and national security, have been linked to servers in nearby nations. A top government source told Times Network, “We will inquire of them (Wikipedia executives) as to how such an alteration could have been permitted to remain for such a long time.”

The fielders have been criticized for being absent from the game on numerous occasions in the past, but it is a sport after all!

Who can forget the 2017 Champions Trophy final when Fakhar Zaman was taken out by Jasprit Bumrah on a no ball and later scored a hundred in the epic match that led Pakistan to victory?

A lot of people made fun of Bumrah, and some cricket experts questioned why he was in the Indian XI.

The illustrious Indian spinner,spinner, Harbhajan Singh,Singh, tweeted in Arshdeep Singh’s favor.

“Quit criticizing Arshdeep Singh, a young man. Nobody intentionally dropped the catch, and we are proud of our boys.

Pakistan played better. Shame on those who bring down our own boys by saying derogatory things about Arsh and team on this platform.

Pakistan played better. Shame on those who bring down our own boys by saying derogatory things about Arsh and team on this platform. GOLD is Arsh, ” ” On Twitter, Harbhajan Singh posted.

Virat Kohli, a famous batter, also backed the young player at the press conference after the game.

“Mistakes can be made by anyone under duress. The scenario was a little tense because it was a huge game,” Kohli stated at the press conference.

Let’s not forget that Arshdeep was the fastest bowler in the game versus Pakistan, who was the most efficient.

Senior pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Hardik Pandya, who allowed 40 and 44 runs respectively in the game, were an option for India.

To be honest, we are all proud of the pacer’s excellent line and methodical bowling in the final over.

Even if he was unable to rescue those seven runs, the kind of spirit he has displayed has won the nation over.

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