Darlings review: A reel of reviews

Darlings review: Darlings received harsh criticism before its release for condoning domestic violence against males, and several social media users urged a boycott of the movie.

Darlings, the eagerly anticipated Alia Bhatt movie, is currently available on Netflix. The movie, which was directed by Jasmeet K. Reen, also stars Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma in the title roles.

Darlings review

In addition, Darlings marks Alia Bhatt’s debut as a producer and Vijay and Alia’s second collaboration after Gully Boy. The movie received harsh criticism before it came out for encouraging domestic violence against males, and several social media users urged a boycott.

The central character of the dark comedy is a strong-willed woman named Badru, played by Alia Bhatt. Her mother, Shefali Shah, kidnaps Badru’s husband, Hamza, who is played by Vijay Varma.

To discover Hamza, two women enlist Roshan Mathew’s and Zulfi’s assistance. The movie then explores marital abuse and how a couple handles it.

Reviews for the movie are now available. Let’s see what the top news outlets have to say about the movie.

NDTV’s review of Darlings

According to Saibal Chatterjee, Darlings is a story of marital strife that takes the guise of a drama about retaliation. NDTV gave Darlings 3 out of 5 stars.

The Darlings are enhanced by excellent performances. Once more, Alia Bhatt displays the full extent of her innate capacity to inhabit a character. The ideal foil is provided by Shefali Shah, who is portrayed as a lady who has given up worrying about the world and the demands it places on women, according to NDTV’s evaluation.

Review of Darlings by The Indian Express

By Shubhra Gupta’s assessment, the movie “Darlings” is the one that accurately portrays domestic violence and brings it to light. “Alia Bhatt lifts the bar for movies with significance,” declared the headline.

The Indian Express says that Alia Bhatt “has raised the bar for movies with a point, something a lost-in-the-woods Bollywood can do with her first film, which has a bunch of great performances.”

Review of “Darlings” by Bollywoodlife

Urmimala Banerjee tells the story of a woman who is abused at home in a whimsical way in her book Darlings.

“The movie’s climax is rather predictable, but that is to be expected. Even though Darlings is about women, it does have some emotional appeal for both men and women. This is true even though Bollywoodlife says that these kinds of movies make people even more biassed against men when gender roles are already wrong.

A Times of India review of Darlings

Darlings is a gripping case study on domestic abuse, expertly acted by Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah, according to Renuka Vyavahare’s review.

“Darlings isn’t quite a twisted suspenseful thriller or a dark comedy. The Times of India wrote, “Told in a linear, basic manner, the film is about an abuser abusing his spouse over a man-versus-woman conflict.

Review of Darlings by Firstpost

Anna MM’s review A flattering black film on domestic abuse called Vetticad, Darlings, unsettles Alia Bhatt.

“When a movie tackles a subject as severe as domestic abuse, the authors should at the very least have rounded off each argument made throughout the story to avoid spreading misinformation,” according to the critics. Darlings doesn’t, according to Firstpost.

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