Commonwealth Games 2022: It is impossible to catch Him

Commonwealth Games 2022: India’s great athlete Hima Das is the most recent illustration of how quickly Fake News spreads in the online community. Hima is now in the UK for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Their match still has a few days to go. However, a Twitter user reported that Hima had won the gold.

Then a four-year-old video that showed Hima beating everyone began to play as additional proof. Following this, the tweeting and retweeting of this news began. Even the stars could not withstand its impact. Cricket legend Virender Sehwag congratulated Hima on Twitter.

Commonwealth Games 2022

While the rumors that Hima won the gold medal in Birmingham may not be real, the hopes that Hema would win gold there are unquestionably true. Hima has consistently demonstrated her ability to surpass legendary players. She is a competitive athlete with a strong sense of self, and only success will do. She has been consistently demonstrating this since she was a young child.

On the football field, no one could stop that girl. She was moving so quickly that the other players could only observe. His feet have tremendous talent. His primary aspiration was to play professionally in football. she was playing for the nation one day. He insisted on enrolling at a school where he could play football on the advice of his parents because of this.

The 22-year-old Hima’s story is comparable to that of a track and field athlete. A huge challenge. The Assamese village of Kandhulimari is situated in the Nagaon district. It is one of the many villages in Assam subjected to the yearly wrath of the Brahmaputra waters. Each year, a small portion of the village’s land is lost.

Hima was born in this location. The fifth of five siblings. Mother Jonali Das and father Ranjit Das recollect that their daughter has always enjoyed playing. She would act in ways that are typically associated with boys.

She didn’t miss a single game, and the great thing is that the school-level tournament she took part in returned after she had won one way or another.

Hima entered her first district competition after switching from football to running. Gold medal sprint events in the 100 and 200 meters. She then triumphed in the district athletic competition, taking home gold.

What the teacher had said now seemed true. Hima’s first major success was winning gold in 400m at the World Under-20 Championships in Finland in July 2018. There he took only 53.46 seconds. She was the first Indian sprinter to win a gold medal at this level. Then in the 2018 Asian Games, he set a new national record.

The list of such performances and successes is very long. The list of awards and honors received by Hima is also increasing. But, Hima is not going to stop here. They love to run and don’t think anyone will catch them at the moment.

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