Bihar JD(U)-BJP face off Live Updates: Nitish Kumar resigns as Bihar CM, snaps ties with BJP again

Nitish Kumar: In the last eight years, the Nitish-led JD(U) has severed ties with the BJP twice.The Nitish-led JD(U) has severed ties with the BJP twice in the last eight years.

Bihar JD(U) vs. BJP conflict Regular Updates: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met with Governor Phagu Chauhan on Tuesday and submitted his resignation amid unrest within the JD(U)-BJP coalition that is currently in power in Bihar over a number of issues. In the last eight years, the Nitish-led party has severed ties with the BJP twice. Separate meetings of their legislators were convened this morning in Patna by the JD(U) and the opposition RJD. In the meantime, Upendra Kushwaha, the president of the JD(U) parliamentary board, praised Nitish Kumar for “leading a new alliance in a new shape” in a tweet in Hindi.

Nitish Kumar

Other party officials, however, said that today’s meeting was nothing out of the ordinary. “Such gatherings of MPs and MLAs have been organised frequently by our party in the past.” We have been informed that the purpose of the current meeting is to examine organisational issues. “I have never heard of a significant crisis within the NDA,” Ram Nath Thakur, a Rajya Sabha member, told PTI.

Sanjay Jaiswal, president of the BJP’s state unit, is present during a meeting being held by the party at the residence of deputy chief minister Tarkishor Prasad. Several potential attendees of the JD(U) conference refuted the idea that the party’s relations with the BJP have gotten bad enough to warrant calling for a realignment. Meetings of their MLAs will also take place on Tuesday for the Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular), a member of the NDA, and the Congress. The meetings have been scheduled as a result of a phone chat Nitish allegedly had with Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi. Leaders of the JD(U) reportedly spoke with Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, the RJD’s leader, earlier. Since the JD(U) signalled it would be breaking with its coalition partner on Monday, the BJP has been waiting and watching in the background. According to a top BJP leader, “this time, the threat looks serious.”


Regularly scheduled updates: RLJP leader Pashupati Kumar Paras reiterates support for the BJP when the BJP core group meets in Patna. According to the Congress, the RJD will likely support Nitish Kumar and will support any non-BJP government in Bihar in order to boost secular forces. For the most recent developments, check this space.

In the video below, Nitish and Tejashwi Yadav leave Rabri Devi’s house together.

Political parties and individuals from several states will soon oppose the BJP, says Akhilesh Yadav.

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of SP, said in reference to the political climate in Bihar:

“It’s a fantastic start.” The “Angrezo Bharat Chhodo” slogan was announced on this day, and as of right now, Bihar is chanting “BJP Bhagaon.” Political organisations and citizens in several states will likely soon oppose the BJP. (ANI)

According to Chirag Paswan, Bihar should be put under the President’s authority.

In light of the changing political climate in the state, Chirag Paswan, the head of the Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas), asked that President’s rule be imposed in Bihar on Tuesday. He charged Nitish Kumar with demeaning the will of the people a second time.

He demanded new elections for the state, claiming that “BJP accomplished whatever Nitish Kumar as CM asked for.” (PTI)

Nitish comes to Rabri Devi’s house after leaving his position as CM.

The core of the BJP will gather in Patna.

On Tuesday night, the Bihar BJP core committee will meet to talk about the changing political situation in the state.

Sanjay Jaiswal, who is in charge of the BJP in Bihar, will be in charge of the conference. It is likely that both deputy chief ministers, former state party presidents, and other top leaders will be there.

In order to attend the conference, former deputy chief minister Sushil Modi, Union ministers Giriraj Singh and Ashwini Choubey, as well as former Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, have all left the national capital for Patna. (PTI)

the focus is on Bihar Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha frequently clashes with RJD and Nitish

Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha will be the person whose activities are most thoroughly scrutinised as the game of numbers is about to start in Bihar. The BJP MLA, who has previously clashed with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has already hinted at what may be coming when, amid much speculation, he was initially reported to be Covid positive when the JD(U) and RJD made their first moves on Monday, only to report Covid-negative within 24 hours as it appeared the dice had been rolled.

After making a quick recovery from Covid, Sinha met with members of the Assembly’s Ethics Committee, which is chaired by BJP leader Ram Narayan Mandal, on Monday night.

Despite Mandal’s refusal to provide more information, BJP sources claimed the report concerned an event in March 2021 in which RJD MLAs held the Speaker “hostage” and required police to be called to the Assembly. According to sources, the report indicts around 18 MLAs. Learn more.

According to Mehbooba, the opposition in the nation opposes the ‘authoritarian’ administration as well as the BJP.

The head of the PDP, Mehbooba Mufti, said on Tuesday that the opposition parties in the country were not only fighting the BJP, but also an “authoritarian” government that was “weaponizing” state institutions to get rid of opposition in India.

“The situation Nitish Kumar and the opposition parties are in is not just because they are up against the BJP.” Instead, they must contend with the might of an authoritarian government that has turned every government agency into a weapon in order to keep India free of opposition “Tweets from Mehbooba.” (PTI)

The OBC candidate for the job is Phagu Chauhan, who is the governor of Bihar and has been a politician in UP for a long time.

Phagu Chauhan, 71, is the governor overseeing the most recent transfer of power in Bihar. He was appointed to replace Lalji Tandon in July 2019.

The Narendra Modi administration believed that choosing a prominent member of the Lonia community from nearby Uttar Pradesh as the 40th governor of Bihar was a wise decision. The move was considered a cunning political manoeuvre by the BJP to court the OBC group, which is well-represented in Bihar and up for election soon.

Chauhan, a six-term MLA from Ghosi in the Mau district, was allegedly shocked by the decision. Political Pulse can be read in its entirety here.

We seek to make our party stronger, not to make other parties weaker, “said BJP Minister Shahnawaz Hussain.

Bihar Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain stated on Tuesday that the BJP never seeks to undermine other parties, only to boost its own. Now I’m heading to Patna. The party’s top brass will issue a formal statement on the political developments. We have diligently laboured to give the people of Bihar an employment opportunity. The party will say something; I won’t. (ANI)

Both the JD(U) of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the RJD of the opposition have scheduled separate meetings of their MLAs for Tuesday in Patna amid unrest within the ruling JD(U)-BJP coalition. Meetings of their MLAs will also take place on Tuesday for the Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular), a member of the NDA, and the Congress.

The meetings have been set up because Nitish is said to have talked to Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi on the phone.

Leaders of the JD(U) reportedly spoke with Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, the RJD’s leader, earlier.

Recently, the JD(U) and RJD have been getting along. No one on either side has attacked the other, and in a rare display of unity, Nitish walked with Tejashwi, the leader of the opposition, to the CM House gates following an Iftaar party.

How do the numbers compare in the Bihar Assembly for Nitish Kumar vs. the BJP?

The RJD and JD(U) on Monday requested separate meetings of their MLAs in Patna amid obvious signs of unrest in the BJP-JD(U) alliance in Bihar. A meeting of the MLAs of the Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular), a member of the NDA, is also taking place.

The RJD won the majority of the votes in the 2020 Assembly elections.

We examine the parties’ current positions in the Assembly in light of the tension that has been developing between the BJP and the JD(U) over the previous two months.

In the closely contested 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, the National Democratic Alliance won 125 seats, including 74 from the BJP, 43 from Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United), 4 from the Vikassheel Insaan Party, and 4 from the Hindustan Awaam Party (Secular). With this, the NDA surpassed the necessary 122-majority threshold to establish the government.

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